Jamosos! Services
Jamosos! LLC provides a broad range of electronic-centric engineering services and
specializes in Consumer Product Design and Development.  Services include cost-effective
product ideation and realization, feasibility prototyping and refinement.

  • Circuit Schematic Design and Documentation

  • PCB Printed Circuit Board Design

  • Proof of Concept Models and Top Quality Prototyping

  • Optical Indicator, Product Illumination, Visible and IR Light Sensor Development and
    Eval. Services

  • Embedded MCU Micro-Controller Selection, Optimization, and Implementation

  • Embedded MCU Software and Firmware

  • System Integration for Existing Products

  • DFM Design For Manufacture

  • Handheld and Battery Powered Device Optimization

  • Electro-Mechanical and Robotics

  • Physical U.I. user-interface Design

  • Technical Writing

Jamosos! LLC has access to excellent outside-team partners in the fields of
  •      Industrial Design
  •                Rapid Prototyping
  •                          Engineering Legal and Patent Services.