Jamosos! About us
Jamosos! LLC was founded in 2006 by CEO/CTO Joel Armstrong-Muntner
in San Francisco, CA

Mr. Armstrong-Muntner holds a B.S. E.E. from San Francisco State University
                                    with an emphasis in Microcontrollers and Mechatronics

Mr. Armstrong-Muntner currently holds one U.S. Patent
(US Patent 7521628 - Electrical
musical instrument with user interface and status display
), and has other Patents Pending in the
s of user interface, and physical design of musical instruments.

Jamosos'  primary current clients and partners are Sparkfactor Design, the Palo Alto
engineering solutions and industrial design firm providing a broad array of top notch
personnel and smarts to numerous clients, and Apple Computers, for whom Joel
provides research and development optical engineering test and prototyping services,
and design of production and in-house  tools and means.

Joel has studied classical guitar performance at California State University, Northridge,
and has performed in numerous bands based in Southern California.

Joel has a wealth of team leadership experience gained while overseeing a substantial
portion of the Southern California retail chain: Tempo Music and Video

Joel is an easy to work-with, very sharp and thorough electronics engineer!